Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy birthday...


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Class of 2011

My sisters and brothers of the class of 2011,

Be humble

You reap what you sow

In a new place
remember where you come from
remember you come in what form

Get familiar with the people
you never know who can help you put up a great show
you never know who can help your dreams grow

It’s a battlefield
so don't forget your weapons


Be prepared to meet all sorts of people
in all sorts of places

Learn from the experiences of others
especially when they are willing to share


Surround yourself with inspiring characters
they may just inspire you

In navigating the sea that is life
every stroke of the oar matters

When you do
don’t lose sight of the purpose
of why you do

Take a stand
but don't be afraid to stand corrected
Get your voice heard
but don't forget to listen

or nobody?

on road trips!

Fight for your rights
fight for what you believe is right
You can't make everyone happy
but try understand what's it like being in their shoes

Remember the masks people wear
remember the masks you wear


Appreciate the value of others
and the value of yourself

Don't underestimate
what you can learn from others
Don't underestimate
what others can learn from you

Do battle in war
but remember those you protect
and those who protect you

even to those who can’t see you
even to those who can’t hear you

Go outside sometimes
and do battle with the elements
The wildlife ain't gonna eat you
coz you're not on their menu

in other people's homes

Fly kites
before you fly away

Partake in the simple joys of others
It may make you smile too


(Even if it makes you look like horse with four left feet)

but know where to
and aim again


Practice, many more times

Babies may cry when you sing
but sing anyway


Plan and prepare
But be prepared to change and adapt
But still create wealth

In more ways than one

If you know where you’re going
it’ll be easier to get there
If you know what you’re looking for
it’ll be easier to find

like it really matters

Be prepared
along the way


Embrace your results
but promise yourself
you will move on quick

It's not too long
it's not too short
a time
It's what you do with time

As time goes by

But always

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A man sent a pair of shoes to a shoe shop to be repaired.
World War II broke out soon after.
Many years after the war, the man walks along that street again, and his eyes catches the shoe shop. He wondered…
He decided to walk in and ask.
The cobbler behind the counter pulls out a dusty record book from a drawer at the bottom of his work desk and asks, “What’s your name you say?”
The man gives his name. The cobbler flips the pages of the record book, intently looking at the details within the decaying pages, and finally looks up and says...
“Ah, here it is. It’ll be ready next week.”
Two friends went to a restaurant for lunch.
After ordering food, they noticed that their cutlery was not clean. They took some time using the napkins to clean it.
One of them then beckons a waiter over and says, “Could we have two glasses please.”
“And makes sure it’s clean.”
After a while, the waiter comes back with two glasses in his hands and asks, “Who was it that wanted the clean glass?”

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Grandfather of Change

To be successful, three things:

i. hard work

ii. resourcefulness

iii. stinginess

Always remember that.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This used to be...

my playground.

Well, not this one specifically, but something that is in the same league, perhaps numerous divisions down :-)

About time I, we, started reading for fun again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

What an elder sees sitting...

the young can't see standing.

The uncle was on his back on the pavement with all four of his limbs somewhat frozen up in the air, his left hand still holding onto his plastic bag.

I thought this couldn't be the first time he has fallen down.

A gentleman rushed over to help him up. The grateful uncle dusted himself and stepped back onto the five foot way with the helping hand, trying to figure out the reason he fell. It was about 1.5 feet from the five foot way to the pavement he fell back on... steep enough to cause problems for some of us.

I parked my car by that pavement and went over to him. I asked him if he was ok. He was still a little shaken.

I dusted his back, as there was some dirt on him.

"Very steep ah, uncle, this step?”

He asked if his elbow was bleeding, as at his old age, he couldn't crane his neck to look. It wasn't.

I asked if he was with someone, and he indicated that someone inside the supermarket was with him.

I went back into my car, thinking how dangerous it was to fall like this, even more so for those of us who are more vulnerable, our elders.

Do help people you come across, especially those who could use our help. There are so many obstacles out there that we need to keep a look out for each other.

God protect us all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A male gynecologist is like...

an auto mechanic who has never owned a car. ~ Ms. Snow

“It’ll cost you 27,000 ringgit.”

No way!

“But off the record, no receipts, I can do it for 15,000 ringgit. It’ll be as good as the original – in fact, I’ll use original parts for you.”

That’s a saving of 12,000 ringgit I thought. My interest was piqued.

“In the meantime, my advice is don’t drive fast, and certainly don’t take your car out of town. You never know when your gearbox will give in. In fact, you’re putting your life in danger everytime you drive the car.”

That’s the conversation we had at the counter of a service centre belonging to an authorised network of a reputable foreign car manufacturer.

“I’ve already changed for two other customers, who had the same model as you and the same problem. They’re very happy. Why don’t you go back and think about it. But you better be quick – I hope to hear from you within 2 days,” says the service assistant, sending us off with look of deep concern for our safety.

My room-mate’s car was acting up. It jerked and took some time to engage when she changed gears on the automatic transmission. So when we dropped it off for its regular service, we asked the friendly service assistant to make sure he had a look at that problem and ‘sort it out’.

We just didn’t realize that it would cost so much!


We followed up that visit with some research on the internet and true enough, from around the globe buyers of this particular model had complained about its gearbox.

As dusty as it may be, I put on my lawyer’s cap and decided to write a letter of demand to the outlet that sold my precious the car. It demanded an explanation for what we deemed to be a latent defect in the product sold, and at the same time it recorded our utter disappointment in them not responding to our calls for an explanation.

Nearly a month later, a reply came, asking us to have the car checked at an authorised service centre. Funny I thought, an authorised centre is where we went to in the first place.

Anyway, just for fun, we looked for another one which was a bit further away. We told them the background and asked that they do a check on the gearbox. A thorough 160 ringgit check later and we were told that the gearbox was absolutely fine, we just needed to change the gear fluid which was dirty. 120 ringgit it would cost.

I was not angry. I had a feeling that this would be the likely outcome.

I’m just pissed.

Normally, I wouldn’t let something like this go. Unfortunately, the guy who very kindly offered us the 12K discount also has all our personal details, and god knows what more he’s capable of.

Therefore, all I can say is, don’t get cheated!

Don’t commit money, especially huge sums and at the behest of people who say you must do something as soon as possible. Always find out more about matters you’re not sure of, and a good starting point is the internet. Talk to those who may know more. In fact, I told a colleague this story and before I finished he told me it was most probably a fluid problem!

Learn to ask the right questions.

And learn to recognise a conman... :-)