Saturday, October 27, 2007

Only fight battles...

that can be won.

The smoke billowing was overwhelming.

The sound emanating was worrying.

My grips I made stronger...

My life flashed by. My mind wandered to those people who I know would probably do anything to get me out of this perilous position I find myself in. A sense of regret began to creep in...

I must perservere. I simply must. My life probably depends on this.

A sharp pain snapped my mind wandering any further.

Another battle scar... as I examined the damage on my right arm.

At times like this, I am thankful for the 5 years of rigorous army training I had in my teenage years. I knew the hours of marching under the scorching sun, the skills in handling and firing M-16's, Styer AUG's and vehicle mounted armament and those days and nights in the jungle would come in handy someday - and today was one of those days.

Suddenly, an alien sound began to pierce the surroundings. As quickly as a leopard waiting in hiding for it's prey, I spun around in the direction of the sound...

"Is this your first time?"

I nearly dropped the ladle I was holding, but the oil began to drip... drip... drip...

I put the ladle on the counter.


And I flashed a light-bulb smile.

She smiled back and went about to prepare her dinner.

I quickly returned to my beef patty that was cooking, I hope, on my non-stick frying-pan. Embarrassed, I thought I began to blush a little.

Or was that my cheeks getting fried as well?

How did she know? Did I look that pathetic? Was it my posture? Ladle the wrong way? What what what?

Damn this kitchen. I can adapt in so many places, but here, I'm lost...


It got fried, I poured ketchup to neutralise the burnt bits, slapped it between two slices of bread, and had my first self-made meal.

Now, what do I do with this hot excess oil?


A few days later...

I was back in the kitchen, frying another beef patty, which was fast becoming my favourite meal. Of course, that was also pretty much the only thing in my freezer that I could fry, and I was beginning to get kicks frying... flipping on the stove, heating the hob to level '4', then non-stick frying-pan on hob, some oil, hand hovering gingerly over pan to get a feel of the heat, then the meat, a dash of pepper, before I stand way back to enjoy the sweet melodious sound of frozen meat meeting boiling oil.


"You cooking dinner?"


Question from one of my flat-mates who had just walked into the kitchen.

Look lady, I'm standing here in front of the stove, in the kitchen, ladle in hand, smoke pretty much coming out of my ears, oil jumping from the pan, two slices of bread on a plate beside me... and you want to know if I was cooking dinner? What did it look like?? What the heck did it otherwise look like??


And I flashed a light-bulb smile again, which I seem to be using whenever I get questioned in the kitchen.

I probably would have said I was "frying toothpaste, want some?" or something like that on a normal day, but it looks like my kitchen buddies still haven't gotten over the fact that I've begun to cook. So, I'll give them the benefit of doubt.

Get over it, I've arrived!

My beef sandwich is getting better by the day. Next time, I will experiment by adding some cucumber perhaps.

But I still haven't figured out what to do with the hot excess oil though...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maybe surrounded by, a million people I...

still feel all alone.

I was driving home from work late one night, listening to my favourite song on the radio, when my sister called. After chatting a few minutes, she said:

"You forgot Sue's birthday."


"Who's Sue?"

"Your niece!"

Oh yea, we do call her Sue for short, sometimes.

"When's her birthday?"


14 September.

"She's upset."

"Upset?? She's one!"

"Well, she's upset anyway."

There are some things which you shouldn't bother explaining.

"Technically speaking, I didn't forget her birthday. She was born last year, so this is the first time her birthday has come around, so I didn't really forget it... coz I didn't 'remember' it in the first place..."

"Whatever, she's still upset with you."

Yep, I just shouldn't have bothered. Nothing could justify it, though I did try.

Well, I made it up to my niece, and if a one year old could get upset coz her uncle forgot her birthday, than she was surely happy to get my belated birthday gift.


Sometimes, we should just apologise. There are times when we may have an explanation for what happened, but, apologise anyway.

Unless people want to know why it happened, what the heck was the thinking behind it. Then, perhaps an explanation. Which may make sense. Sometimes.

But don't forget to apologise...


It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What unites us...

is more than what divides us.

An annual day of celebration of victory, accomplishment and reflection. Usually with family.

This time, 6000 miles away from home, the day started off with many others who observed the day as well. It ended with a bunch of crazy people of over 20 nationalities, different in many ways yet similar in certain other ways, who have come together for the next 12 months with like-minded goals and wanting to achieve it together. And along the way, getting to know one another, finding out what is important, closest and dearest to each, and crucially, respecting and celebrating differences.

I never doubted that we had it in us, but finding it out for yourself is always refreshing :-)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Relationships are everything...

without relationships, you don't exist.

Why do drug-dealers live with their mothers?

Your english is like... literature...

I know it's just the first week, but I'm already three weeks behind schedule.

The opposable thumb.

You sound afro-caribbeanny...

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
does love blaze less from afar?

50 more weeks like this...?