Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maybe surrounded by, a million people I...

still feel all alone.

I was driving home from work late one night, listening to my favourite song on the radio, when my sister called. After chatting a few minutes, she said:

"You forgot Sue's birthday."


"Who's Sue?"

"Your niece!"

Oh yea, we do call her Sue for short, sometimes.

"When's her birthday?"


14 September.

"She's upset."

"Upset?? She's one!"

"Well, she's upset anyway."

There are some things which you shouldn't bother explaining.

"Technically speaking, I didn't forget her birthday. She was born last year, so this is the first time her birthday has come around, so I didn't really forget it... coz I didn't 'remember' it in the first place..."

"Whatever, she's still upset with you."

Yep, I just shouldn't have bothered. Nothing could justify it, though I did try.

Well, I made it up to my niece, and if a one year old could get upset coz her uncle forgot her birthday, than she was surely happy to get my belated birthday gift.


Sometimes, we should just apologise. There are times when we may have an explanation for what happened, but, apologise anyway.

Unless people want to know why it happened, what the heck was the thinking behind it. Then, perhaps an explanation. Which may make sense. Sometimes.

But don't forget to apologise...


It'll all be alright
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home


Anonymous said...

Huhuhuhu.... I nak meninggalkan mark i kat blog you nih :)I suka baca blog you nih eventhough dari cara penulisannya, you nampaknya kesunyian and berduka nestapa di rantau orang (^_^)

Anonymous said...

wah ada orang kitchen terbakar ke? Maybe itu tandanya orang tu tak pernah pi dapaur nih. Hohohoho Tanjung, jom harass this "Idaman" guy together gether *wink*

Anonymous said...

Hey there bro.

A little bird told me you had this blog up. Nice to see that after some 3 years of having to always be a big man and in control of situations, you've let your gentler side out. The side of you that had to be canned or in wraps to only be let out once in a purple moon. And though it appears new camaraderie seems young and jovial, it suits you well my kindred friend. For it has brought forth the youthful side of you.

Idaman said...

I'm unharassable yo.

Purple moon :-)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!