Sunday, June 8, 2008

To do...

or not to do.

I walked past the first time, looked in through the window, and she was on the phone.

10 minutes later, as I walked past again, she was still on the phone. She definitely saw me from the corner of her eye, yet...

I had to do it. There was no point in dithering anymore. I can't keep walking past, as I may eventually lose the courage to do it. So I barged the door open, and strode in...

She reluctantly ended her call.

She was alone, and without speaking, she gestured to me to take a seat.

I stared at the mirror in front of me. She slowly walked up and was soon behind me. Our eyes met, but only through the mirror...

It has been 9 months. This could not wait any longer.


That afternoon, I did what every mum hopes her son would do. I got something that every mum wishes to see her son come home with.

That afternoon, I finally got a decent haircut.

It was good while it lasted. I finally found out what happens if I let my hair grow.

It goes wild. And it defies gravity.


Anonymous said...

Growing wild and defying gravity.....hmmm.....

I'm sure you look ADORABLE with your hair like that. Can just imagine it. Fits your actual name I'm sure.

Take care!

RAR3 said...

y do u have to put entries that make me burst out loud in laughter at the most inappropriate places, at the oddest times and in front of the most boring humans ever?!!!

Thanks bro, needed it.

anggun99 said...

i'm bored at work now.. n reading thru all the blogs that I cud read now..ur writing are quite amusing la.. very interesting indeed.. hmmm..