Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A man sent a pair of shoes to a shoe shop to be repaired.
World War II broke out soon after.
Many years after the war, the man walks along that street again, and his eyes catches the shoe shop. He wondered…
He decided to walk in and ask.
The cobbler behind the counter pulls out a dusty record book from a drawer at the bottom of his work desk and asks, “What’s your name you say?”
The man gives his name. The cobbler flips the pages of the record book, intently looking at the details within the decaying pages, and finally looks up and says...
“Ah, here it is. It’ll be ready next week.”
Two friends went to a restaurant for lunch.
After ordering food, they noticed that their cutlery was not clean. They took some time using the napkins to clean it.
One of them then beckons a waiter over and says, “Could we have two glasses please.”
“And makes sure it’s clean.”
After a while, the waiter comes back with two glasses in his hands and asks, “Who was it that wanted the clean glass?”