Saturday, November 10, 2007

If you weren't real...

I would make you up


I read it. I understood it perfectly well. She read it as well. She understood it perfectly well, as well. The only problem was, we understood it differently.

There were three ways to do this. One was to pour it into the left cup. The second, into the right cup. The third, and this was how I understood it, was to just splash detergent on top of my laundry.

"This is detergent actually, not bleach or softener... so shouldn't we pour it straight onto my clothes? That's what the instruction here says..."

The Greek sweety shook her head and asked me to wash the left cup she took out from my machine. "Trust me. Your first time doing laundry?"

Hmph... not that again.

She kindly offered to pour my detergent into that left cup, and then slammed the drum door shut. There was no turning back, and nothing left for me to do. Coins into the machine, and I just had to wait for 39 minutes...

But right now
Everything you want is wrong,
And right now
All your dreams are waking up,
And right now
I wish I could follow you
To the shores
Of freedom,
Where no one lives


The next time I was in that laundry room, I was all set to splash it into the centre, right on top of my clothes. There were three other people around, one doing her laundry, the other two, just hanging around.

Like wet laundry... :-)

Just to confirm, why not?

"So, you'd pour the detergent into the middle, right?"

The one doing her laundry turned to me, and began to walk towards me, and she got closer, and closer, whoa isn't that too close to answer a laundry question...

and she took the detergent bottle from my hand.

Dude, get a grip of your life!

And you can start by holding on to your detergent bottles like a man!

"This you must pour into the right cup."


I tried to diplomatically protest, but she was quite sure of herself. She looked like she'd been to the laundry room many more times than I'd been there, so, in a way, I guess she had the right to dictate how it operates...

I poured it this time, into what I was sure was another wrong cup, and she pressed the setting for me. Whites and colours. And an extra button, 'permanent press'. No idea what that does.

But right now
Everything is turning blue,
And right now
The sun is trying to kill the moon,
And right now
I wish I could follow you
To the shores
Of freedom,
Where no one lives


This time, I was determined. No one was going to stop me. That blue liquid, all 125 ml of it, was going into no cups. No way. It's gonna go straight on top of my clothes. No one could make me do otherwise.

And I executed my plan, successfully.

I smiled to myself. I was happy. I slammed the door shut.

A bit too hard.

Whites and colours. What the heck, permanent press too.

Too bad no one was around to see me do this...

We're made out of blood and rust
Looking for someone to trust
A fight
I think that you came too soon
You're the honey and the moon
That lights
Up my night


If we do something with the right intention, it doesn't really matter how we go about doing it - left cup, right cup or in the middle - we'll always come out smelling like fresh laundry :-)

Coz when we do things with the right intentions, the world somehow conspires to help us.



Anonymous said...

exactly my sentiments, just do it any way you want, as long as it comes looking out good.

Now if only we can practice this policy for other parts of our lifes, it will be all easy wont it?

There will no right or no wrong anymore..

Idaman said...

Yep, you're right. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to do their laundry. And not everyone who does their laundry wants it to come out clean!

thinker bell said...

haha. funny.

true though. but then again, perhaps its us being stubborn.

or maybe such steps have been programmed at the back of heads where we rather stick to our usual ways.

what say u? true?

Idaman said...

I answer with a question :-)

Women don't really want to hear a man's opinion, they just want to hear their own opinion in a deeper voice.


thinker bell said...

nooooooooooooooo. heheh.

maybe. but i wasn't aware that this is something to do with gender. haha.

i thought it was plainly human.

Idaman said...

Owh... ok it's true!

I thought you were talking about the washing machine still... us, steps, programmed...

I think I'm confused...

Anonymous said...

whatever with the laundry.. or gender, i just like your prose. made of blood and rust, huh? nice..

Idaman said...

I like the prose too, but it's not my work unfortunately. It's a song called 'Honey and the Moon'... which I was listening to while my laundry was being done... :-)

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