Saturday, November 24, 2007

The world is your oyster...

but most oysters are found in the sea.

"Hi sir, how're you doing?'

I looked up.

Two burly uniformed police officers stood before me. I was cornered. I had nowhere to run. Of course, I had no intention to do so. But the fact of the matter was, I had nowhere to run.

"Sir, we have the right to search you under Section 44(2) of the Terrorism Act."

Have you ever seen a duck in water before? As it moves along the surface of the water, it looks most serene. But just beneath, it's feet will be flapping wildly, trying to keep itself afloat... that's how I was.

I looked around, not sure what I was looking for. I had been in the quiet corner of the concourse, reading the fare guide intently, minding my own business. Most of the people who were coming from the direction of the train station, where I had come from, went down straight to the tube platform.

For the next few minutes, they searched my rucksack, and took down my details.

Hair : Short black

Clothing : Upper : Black Jacket; Lower : Black Jeans

Footwear : Brown Shoes

Build : Medium


Throughout, I remained calm, answering the questions they asked, trying my best not to look like a duck. Forgetting how to spell the name of the street I lived on didn't help.



"Here's your record. You're free to go."

I took the pink slip, and kept it in my pocket.


Well, at least I had an excuse for being late to meet my friend...


It wasn't too bad actually, they were polite, and had gone to great lengths to keep me comfortable.

Got to take it on the chin.

Was I insulted?

Nope. It happens.

Keep up the good work guys!


Cik Sweetylemon said...

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Kawan i kena peksa polis rupanya!!! I dengan ini officially melaknat polis di London... Berani dia bias kat orang based on paras rupa??? WTF??? Ada ke you yang hensem dikatakan macam terrorist??? *marah*

Idaman said...

Haha Sarimah yang drama...

Maybe I should put it on my CV. Lelaki buruan...

Crazy to relate US administration policies to you Tanj... this is a bizarre twist to the saying 'to the world you may be someone, but to someone you may mean the world' :-)

Syuhada said...

Good that you see it in a light manner - though that kinda profiling is really rubbish.

Idaman said...

Kinda rubbish...

Gotta be strong and not take it personally. It may happen again.

At least someone still giving some attention... hehe...

PickMe.. said...

Rarely guys take it in a good way like you. Pretty impressive i might say.

But searching you under a terrorist attack was sure funny. hehehe

aFTi RuSLi said...

Aisey ayaz dear, you should've asked them to take a mugshot of you and post it around Birmingham/London/Nottingham, wherever you are,and attach the phrase in huge bold letters: "SINGLE, AVAILABLE, DESPERATE AND TOO SOFT (BUT STRAIGHT) TO TERRORISE ANYONE"

But yeah, y would they pick on you, our cute cuddly teddy bear-like President eh? So not a threat. Definitely not...hihihi.

Idaman said...

I think if I didn't take it in a good way... I would now be writing from a prison cell... which has internet connection :-)

Yo Afti, cute, cuddly, teddy bear-like? I think you haven't seen me for a very very long time... yep you too would call the police now if you saw me!