Thursday, November 20, 2008

A rose by any other name...

will still smell as sweet.

Wah... suddenly there were about 15 of them. All had crew cuts, and looked very much alike. Very cute, going into the ballroom in a single file. They looked between 7 to 10 years old. Quite certainly these boys were the 'feted guests of honour' of the host.

I sat by the table outside the ballroom, working on my laptop.

One the boys then wandered out of the ballroom. He walked around a bit... and he started staring at me.

I looked at him from the corner of my eye.

Still staring.

Then he ran around a little, and stopped beside me and started staring at my laptop.

Excuse me, this is very p&c stuff bro...

"Laptop ni..." He began to ask.

"Laptop ni kompeni abang punya. Nanti bila adik besar, dah kerja macam abang, mungkin dapat laptop jugak..."


Haha... that felt good.

I felt I did the socially responsible thing. Give the little man a boost, so that when he goes back, he can share with his young friends my... err... advice. Motivation and the ripple effect :-)

"Ok, thanks Uncle!"


I turned to look at him straight in the eye - I wanted to pierce into that retina that hasn't really seen what the world has to offer and give him a vicious jolt to the system and... but he had ran back into the ballroom.


Look, if you don't belong to one of my siblings...

Oh well...

Back to my p&c stuff.


Anonymous said...

uncle ayaz... kuikuikuikui... will start callin u dat. I still remember masa the girls were so kecoh pasal the group callin u abang ayaz... and now... uncle? hohoho..

Saya Yang Ayu said...

well, if u look like an uncle, I would call u uncle too. Since you already establish that you are in fact an uncle, you shouldn't be angry at the little dude.

I'm loving it here. Still trying to find my way to live here even though I miss KL so badly.

Take Care Uncle Ayaz with his laptop.

Anonymous said...

itulah, so much p&c rubs the uncleness in you.

let loose unc!

RAR3 said...

Muaakakakakkakakaka. Spot on little dude. See Ayaz, I told you, you need to let me take you out on a shopping spree. Now, have you heard of the brand Converse? Or Levi's? We'll get you one of each to de-uncle-ify you asap.

Idaman said...

Wei... where is the love??