Monday, January 26, 2009

People who say they sleep like a baby...

usually don't have one.

The bane of parents around the world is finding reliable babysitters.

Whereas, the bane of babysitters around the world is finding reliable babies.

I honestly don't get all this fussing about baby-sitting.

How hard can it be?

Like, let the child within you go free, and there you have it - babysitting will flow from your fingertips.

And I'm not simply talking. I have baby-sat, a little.

I also have great ideas to keep children occupied, as can be seen from the picture below. I am constantly innovating in this area as well.

So, my friends, anyone looking for a reliable baby-sitter?


Saya Yang Ayu said...

ni kene telefon telidera nie.

syuhadaa said...

namun gambar ni susah sket nak buat evidence..

mangsa menunjukkan ciri2 gembira.

Idaman said...

I yang kene dera. Kids these days... happy tak pasal2.

Idaman said...

4 kids... that's like running the family already!

Yea, write it up!

syuhadaa said...

This one yg stop, in the name of the Lord ke?

can never forget that one.

Anonymous said...

e new game for my niece.. well, not bad idea, aftr all. geee tenks. use the pegs 2 keep em bz... don't behave, hang em with the hangers... hooohooh

Idaman said...

This one, adik dia Syu...

Wei, hangers I don't know... :-)